If you have started receiving text messages with the status “Generic failure,” it indicates an issue with your SIM card. This typically occurs in the following situations:

  • Insufficient balance: You should check your balance and recharge it if it is below zero.
  • SIM card blocked: The resolution varies for each individual and requires assistance from your service provider. It is recommended to obtain a new SIM card to resolve the issue. (SIM cards are frequently blocked, and here’s how to prevent it). To check, try sending yourself a text message using the standard phone app and observe the outcome.
  • SmsGateWay24 Pro application glitch: This happens rarely and is related to the fact that SMS messages can be successfully sent to numbers in international format, such as +7928…, where +7 is the country code for Russia, and the number 8928… also works fine. However, messages fail to send to numbers starting with 7928… The exact cause of this issue is difficult to determine since we cannot reproduce the error. Some customers experience it while others do not. To resolve this, it is recommended to create SMS messages only in international format by adding a plus sign at the beginning of the number. Alternatively, you can configure your phone to automatically add a plus sign at the beginning when creating an SMS if necessary. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

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