Great news for SMSGateway24 users! Now we have a simple and convenient way to send SMS messages directly from the frontend. 😁 We are glad to introduce you a new npm package to work with our service – “sms-gateway24”.

With the command “npm install sms-gateway24” you can easily install this package and start using it in your project. It provides a simple interface for sending SMS messages via SMSGateway24, allowing you to integrate the messaging functionality directly into your frontend code.

Now you don’t need to refer to the backend or write additional code to send SMS messages. All you have to do is import “sms-service” in your project and use its methods to send messages. This greatly simplifies the integration process and allows you to quickly start sending SMS messages right from your frontend.

Don’t waste your time and start using the new features right now!

In addition, we would like to mention that this npm “sms-gateway24” package was developed by our customer, who is a talented developer. We are proud that our community is actively introducing new ideas and creating useful tools to help us improve our service. Many thanks to David for his contribution to the development of the SMSGateway24 project!

Link to documentation

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