Ver. 12.0 Updated!

Friends, we decided to make you a New Year gift too! And release the new version on December 26th. Updated both the site and the application SmsGateWay24! What’s new in this version?

There are a lot of changes in this version. Now the SIM card number is not the numbers 1,2,3,4, …. 21 (it seems this was the maximum that I met). And just slot number 0 number 1 (if dual SIM). Where did this numbering come from? When version 11.1 was released, the use of multicards was new functionality, and I thought it was normal that the number of the SIM card increased by 1 when the SIM card was rearranged. As it turned out people are confusing. In the new version of the application, this functionality has been improved. Now the SIM card number will be static. Moreover, now in the application interface it is possible to see the operator that is associated with each SIM card, ICCID – a unique SIM card number. And also even the phone number that is associated with each SIM card. On the site you can precisely determine which SIM card is inserted in which slot. Also, if your distribution system has several identical devices, then you can distinguish them by serial number. And also now it is visible on the device ID that is assigned to it in the system. (appears after the first login from the new version of the application). The new version works on any Android phone with Android 6 and higher.

Smsgateway24 old continues to be supported for older phones (Android 4.3 and higher). This version will continue to work. But the version of SmsGateWay24 pro v11.1 and SmsGateWay24 pro + v11.1 will not be supported starting January 15, 2020 and will stop working. Everyone who used them needs to urgently upgrade to 12.0.

The next important feature is the ability to do distributed mailing to many devices at once. For example, your operator can block a SIM card if a large flow of SMS flows from it. In order to avoid this, you can create a mailing list, say, for 10,000 SMS and distribute it to 5 of your devices. And if each device has 2 SIM cards, then 10,000 SMS can be distributed on 10 different SIM cards. Agree it is convenient. Also now in the newsletter you can specify the date of sending. You can now open the newsletter overview page.

The functionality of incoming SMS is now integrated into the PRO version and will be supported in this version later. How does the functionality of incoming SMS. If you check “send incoming SMS to the server”, then all your incoming SMS will go to the server. Please note that ALL of your incoming SMS will go to the server if you check the box. You can remove them from the server by clicking on the trash can icon. (in the old page of incoming SMS). They will be deleted forever. I beg you not to use the functionality of incoming SMS on personal devices, since personal SMS can get to the server. Nobody but you will see them, but still. Added functionality that does not allow you to save sms with the reserved words “code”, “verification code”, “confirmation”, “one-time” and others on the server. This is done so that your personal SMS with data about the security did not fall into the database.

If an important change in the new version of the application is this, the order of the application has been fixed. Now the application does not disturb the server in vain, as version 11.1 did. Now, if there are no new SMS in the system, the application accesses the server once a minute. as soon as sms appear, the call frequency automatically increases. When all sms are sent, the application again checks for new SMS less often. This approach will make the number of calls to the server optimal.

Also, the Salt function was added for each SMS. If you check the box “use salt” when creating SMS, a random number of random characters will be added at the end of each SMS created. ($% ^ & ¬˚∆˙ © ƒ∂)
This allows you to improve the uniqueness of SMS and your SIM cards in the eyes of operators.

Simplified function of creating just SMS. Now you can simply copy the list of numbers from Excel and paste it into the window and create a group of SMS. You can create sms if the numbers are separated by commas, through the enter (line break).

Fixed sample file to create contact sheets. fixed encoding bug. Now this functionality works more reliably.

Improved translation. Previously, the English version of the site sometimes turned into German. Now there is no such problem.

API extended

A method has been added to the API that allows you to get the current token, as well as a method that allows you to update the token. You can also change the token in your account if it has been compromised.

Hints and tips have been added to the site. Now it has become easier to navigate.

The lambda function and the gateway API on the AWS server from Amazon are configured for the most expensive requests. Now the service is responding faster.

Improved device overview page. Here you can find all the detailed information about each device.

Added statistics page.

Chat functionality has been improved – now you can write an answer directly in the same window

improved notification section.
We are on guard these days. If something has stopped working for you, write to us right away!

How much?

Everything is very simple. You can send up to 1000 SMS per month for free. If you need more then $ 5 per month – unlimited. Payment is charged automatically every month.

Money can be accepted through VISA or Mastercard. The processing center is Stripe. You always have the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time. Just write an e-mail to, with your desire to unsubscribe.

You can also pay via PayPal. But automatic removal is not provided. Therefore, you will have to manually renew your account every month.